Bob martin

Community Arts Specialist--Arts Education, Audience Development, Building Partnerships, Event Planning, Program Development, Public Art

Robert (Bobbyb) Martin lives in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, and is a theater/film artist, community arts producer, cultural organizer, trainer/facilitator and teaching artist through his company Clear Creek Creative. He works with universities, nonprofit cultural organizations, community advocacy organizations, businesses, schools, theater companies and media firms.

Bob has co-written and directed dozens of community performance projects throughout Kentucky. He also regularly leads professional development around creative community engagement strategies and building dynamic community performance projects. He also creates original pieces of outdoor, theatrical spectacle, which deeply engage question of land and food on 87-acres in the rural, Appalachian foothills, where he also produces the annual Clear Creek Festival.

Bob is the outgoing board chair of Alternate ROOTS, a Kentucky Community Scholar and is on the board of Carpetbag Theater in Knoxville.

He is passionate about using all forms of story, theatre and media to create spaces where audience and artists merge to transform human condition and the world. He creates and collaborates in performance and art that is rooted in the needs, memories and possibilities of the community from which it is born. His work ranges from original community performance to digital storytelling to creating community-driven art events and festivals. He also uses his cultural organizing and story work to build dynamic partnerships and community power in hopes of manifesting a more equitable and creative future. Bob works with individual artists as well as arts organizations on creative community engagement strategies, media training and digital story development, project visioning, cultural asset mapping, arts education curriculum design, strategic planning, team building, creative facilitation strategies, workshop design, event planning and public speaking.

Carrie Brunk

Carrie Brunk works with people and organizations committed to envisioning and enacting a better world. She works primarily as a facilitator and coach drawing on two decades of experience as a non-profit executive, program director, coalition organizer, event producer, popular educator, fundraiser, writer and small business owner. Carrie conceived and leads Ridgeway | A Transformative Leadership Experience, a program designed to support Appalachia’s post-coal transition to a brighter future by offering an immersive year-long regional cohort experience that is on par with the best national-level leadership, organizational and network development programs. The vehicle for her work is Clear Creek Creative which also serves as an artistic and event production company most recently touring a performative piece “Where’s That Power Gonna Come From?” which explores her community’s resilience in relation to the threat of fracking and ongoing fossil fuel extraction in Appalachia. Carrie lives and works within an off-the-grid community gathering place in the Appalachian foothillls of East Kentucky where she co-curates and hosts the annual Clear Creek Festival, abundant local farm-fresh performative feasts, rustic artistic exchanges and residencies all of which are powered by the sun and fresh mountain spring water. Carrie was a Fulbright Fellow at Oxford University and her training has been guided by the Social Transformation Project, Presence-Based Coaching, Social Justice Leadership and through joint programming of SJL and the Rockwood Leadership Institute.