Clear Creek Creative is both a grounding place and an ever-evolving vehicle for living in harmony with nature and with one another.  At Clear Creek, we lead with our art, cultural and community organizing, transformative facilitation and stewardship of the land to envision and enact a better world.

Clear Creek Creative is a home for much of the work of Carrie Brunk and Robert Martin. We established Clear Creek Creative in 2013 as a vehicle for exploring how our combined artistic, organizing, facilitation and cultural skills and experience can be put to good use for social change and toward personal, organizational and societal transformation.

Clear Creek Creative is a vehicle for using artistic, organizing, facilitation, and cultural skills for social change and toward personal, organizational, and societal transformation. Our vision is for Kentucky to be a home for the kind of creative experimentation necessary to evolve and achieve a new economy, a true democracy, a vibrant society, abundant healthy land, and a thriving local culture.

We live in the woods in a northern bit of Rockcastle County where two natural springs meet to join Clear Creek, just over Big Hill where the Appalachian Mountains begin in southeastern Kentucky.  We moved here three years ago after growing up in other parts of the state, having had the chance to discover other places and lessons of the big wide world for about a decade, and then to realize very happily that we were meant to be back home, and right here on Clear Creek. We are slowly and surely building an off-the-grid home, creative retreat, studios and educational event venue that is fed and powered sustainably by the sun, land and water resources we have here. 

We host an activist and healing arts festival for our community and lots of other folks each year over Labor Day weekend called the Clear Creek Festival (