Clear Creek Jubilee was a 24-hour cultural experience to envision and enact the change we would like to see in ourselves and the world around us.  It was a chance to co-create and practice that change in a beautiful natural environment, rejuvenating and inspiring.  

Labor Day weekend:  September 1-3, 2017

If you've been to a Clear Creek Festival, the Jubilee will have a similar feel...same beautiful land, same delicious spring water right out of the mountain,  a lot of the same good people from near and far, family-friendly environment were Mind the Children is the motto, farm-fresh food from the community kitchen, a great energy & spirit alive in the woods!  

So what's changing and why? 

  • More Co-Creation & Manifestation!  What happens at Clear Creek is always community-inspired & -driven.  The Jubilee is an opportunity to take co-creation a step further by inviting a group of artists-in-residents and our local community members into a co-creation process beginning about 6 weeks out from the event.  Through that process, we'll devise an experience that will in turn invite each and every person who shows up Labor Day weekend into co-creation as well.  What in the world does it mean to co-create and manifest an event like this?  Join us to find out!
  • Less Stage, More Circle.  Witnessing people perform on a stage is awesome, though so much of what Clear Creek is about happens in the sweet moments tucked away in the woods or near the spring or gathered together in a circle around the campfire.  We're going to experiment with shifting more of the energy and activity into special spaces away from the stage, inviting people to engage with the land and one another in different ways throughout the weekend.
  • Community & Campsite Meals.  We've been moving away from vendors and toward community-led meals at Clear Creek for a few years now, largely inspired by all the amazing fresh food available from local farmers and foragers as well as our own expanding gardens here on the Creek.  This year, we'll be organizing all the food offerings through the community kitchen as well as specific campsites and stations that will host meals throughout the weekend.  You are welcome of course to bring fresh food and staples to offer for the community kitchen as well as food to cover your own particular needs or to share with your campsite community.  
  • Smaller Scale.  In keeping with the transition we've made in the last few years to scale down the total number of people -- largely in relation to what the land can comfortably accommodate for a weekend -- we're keeping the scale small.  There will be a few dedicated campsites and we ask that whether or not you're staying overnight, please reserve a place for you, your family and friends so we can manage the total number attending and plan accordingly for our meals and other needs throughout the weekend.  
  • Choose Your Contribution & Give Generously.  The Jubilee is an experiment in community co-creation of the kind of world we would like to live in.  In our minds, that's a world of abundance in which each person has enough to meet their own needs and give generously in turn.  How will you contribute to manifesting this event?  You can give $ online now or at the Jubilee; you can donate your time and energy in advance, during or after (or all three!); you can donate local, organic food or requested supplies; you can contribute your art or other skill or talent.  Other ideas of what you'd like to offer?  Let us know.

As the co-creation process unfolds, we'll share more details about what we're planning and how to be involved here and through out contact list with occasional e-mails.  Sign up here for the contact list, to let us know you're coming or to join the team!